Consultation on Forestry Review – can you help us?

Dear forestry workers, whanau and supporters

You will be aware that the forestry industry is holding and Independent Review into Safety in the Forestry Sector.

The Review Panel have met and agreed on a framework for doing its work and it is currently working on putting together a public consultation document. They have formed the view that there are three key features which “combine together within a workplace to determine the workplaces’ safety culture and collectively impact on the workplace health and safety outcomes for the workplace”. They have created three overlapping work streams:

  1. the workplace
  2. people in a workplace
  3. work organisation

There will be opportunities for contractors and workers in the industry to have a say.  This is an extremely important chance for those that can help with solutions and want a more sustainable model for the industry to have input into.

We want to help facilitate you and those you know in the industry to have a say.  We would like you to consider holding a gathering for those you know in the industry that might be interested in having input.

Our proposal is as follows:

  1. You organise a meeting of some sort for June (it can be 5 people at your home or a bigger meeting somewhere else – we don’t care!) If you want us to visit crew directly we could probably do that too.
  2. When the consultation document referred to below comes out – we use that at the meeting to gather peoples’ views but we can also discuss any other ideas people have that could help make this industry safer and improve working conditions.
  3. We provide a writer to the meeting to gather peoples ideas and we will then write it up into a submission (which we can send back to the group for sign off if they want).
  4. We or the group submit it.  If the group want to remain confidential – we submit it on behalf of those present, but if the group (or some of the group) want to  submit themselves they do this and hopefully also use it at one of the public consultation meetings below.

We are looking for a way to get maximum input including from workers or contractors that may not feel comfortable being identified but also from workers or contractors that want to have a voice on this and need some support.  This Review is the chance and if no one speaks up – nothing strong will come from it.
Please let us know if you are able to help by emailing Edward on or Helen on


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