What Killed Ken Callow?

20 Feb 2013 – 13:23

CTU has launched a YouTube clip and campaign aimed at trying to get the Government to agree to an inquiry into the forestry industry, and to implementing health and safety and employment standards that stop the deaths and injuries of forestry workers.

Helen Kelly said “forestry is the most dangerous industry in New Zealand. In 2013 there have already been two deaths – since 2008, 23 workers have died and almost 900 have been seriously injured. Each death is a family, community, workplace losing someone who was loved. Each injury is someone’s life being changed forever by something that happened at work.”

“We need to bring attention to this, the government and the industry to step up and stop this from happening.”

CTU last night launched a YouTube clip of Caroline and Roger Callow talking about the tragic death of their son, Ken Callow, at work, and are using the One Big Voice website to raise funds for a billboard campaign to draw attention to the dangers in the sector.  For more information, see www.whatkilledkencallow.org.nz



3 thoughts on “What Killed Ken Callow?

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